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Panamerican Woods is a reforestation company located in Costa Rica. Our ecological Teak plantations are developed from degraded pastureland, converting carbon dioxide into needed oxygen and yielding exceptional wood for building materials.

We operate one of the largest commercial Teak plantation in Central America, comprising over 6,000 acres (2,777 hectares) in the northwest province of Guanacaste. What was once degraded pastureland has been transformed over the years into vast productive forest of Teak (tectona grandis), the most dimensionally stable wood in the world. Trees are planted, grown and harvested in accordance with the highest international forestry standards.

We offer Rough squares (RSQ) and Round teak logs. All of our products comes from our old aged FSC® teak plantations, final harvest of mature teak stands over 20 years age. Due to the low of bark thickness and sapwood, our logs offer a high yield of return. We currently offer:

FSC® Certified logs

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